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It is with pleasure that we present our new Adam’s Aid Corporation Surgical Instruments Catalogue to our customers from all over the world.

This new book sets a further milestone in our company’s rise to one of the leading firms in the field. We are gratified to find the policies which we have followed since our founding to be recognized and appreciated by our many loyal customers.

With this catalogue we wish to offer a modern range of ENT Instruments, Plastic and Reconstructive, thoracic, Cardiovascular, Orthopedic, gynecologic and General Surgery as well as Neurosurgery to the trade and to the medical profession. Omitting many obsolete patterns, we have purposely limited our choice to the more essential designs.

It will remain our constant endeavour to maintain and refine the high standard of our Adam’s Aid Corporation master instruments, to contribute with new and better instruments to progressive surgery and to serve our customers with sincerity of effort.

 May this catalogue give new impulses and be a helpful guide for our business partners.

 President & CEO


Adam’s Aid Corporation is a manufacturer and exporter of Dental/ Orthodontic and Implantation Instruments used in the healthcare industry all over the world. With the product line covering Dental Surgery, Beauty Care, Tungsten Carbide (TC), Diamond Dusted, and Electro-surgical instruments, Adam’s Aid Corporation is one of the leading exporter’s of Pakistan.  

Since its inception in 1980, the company has employed enormous efforts in updating its facilities with the latest technologies, meeting international standards and customer’s satisfaction. As such, Adam’s Aid Corporation holds several international certifications including, CE Mark, ISO:13485:2003, and cGMP, FDA Approved.                                                                                                                                               

As a leading manufacturer of dental, orthodontic and implantation instruments, the company employs well trained workers, technicians and experienced engineers who look after the technical operations and provide valuable support to the customers and management. Furthermore, the company prides on being fully capable of handling all production needs in-house and within its numerous production departments ranging from Forging, Milling, Polishing, Passivation, and Packaging.  

Adam’s Aid Corporation believes in providing the best quality instruments along with the best quality services to all of its customers from all over the world. Hundred percent of the instruments are exported to the various regions like North & South America, Africa and Western, Eastern & Central Asia.


Product Range & Manufacturing:

We carefully selected around 6000 commonly used items for the catalogue and have molds for 10,000+ instruments. Any product not found in this catalogue can be produced by the provision of a sample, sketch or simply the international reference number. We use dental grade Stainless Steel. Our skilled craftsmen with great precision, hand crafting all the instruments at our ISO-13485 approved facilities.


Instrument Preparation:

Proper preparation and care is essential for maintaining the functionality of instruments as well as their value. Long-term and problem-free use can be achieved, if the user has a clear knowledge of the materials used, their properties and the way they should be handled. In providing efficient customer advice and support, our application-oriented staff can draw not only on the practical experience gained over many years, but also on current developments.


Quality Management:

For all of our products, Adam’s Aid Corporation claims application-related functionality, a high standard of quality and intelligent handling. A total quality management system ensures that all processes, from development to processing customer complaints, are controlled on a customer oriented basis. The monitoring of product quality at all stages of production from incoming materials, delivery to the final inspection is an indispensable part of our quality regulations. Adam’s Aid Corporation’s products are subjected to the check at the end of their manufacturing process. The focus of our activities is our customers with their quality expectations concerning our products, services and processes.


Catering the Market Needs:

We have developed two lines to cater the needs of the industry. Our PREMIUM line instruments are O.R grade for all dental needs and come in Satin & Mirror finish. For Nurses, Physician’s Assistants and General Hospital needs, we have developed the same product line, we call it VALUE-LINE that also come in Satin & Mirror finish.


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